SEO is always a long term game. You cannot expect free traffic on your time in less time. It requires a minimum 6 months to 1 year to get high traffic. SEO is like planting a tree. If you plant a fruit from a tree; then it requires 5 plus years for getting more fruit. Similarly if you start investing in SEO today then after some time you will get a lot of traffic after some years.

Organic SEO traffic is free and high quality. You can generate the leads from organic traffic by using Optin Tools. Optin tools are like landing pages; it may be a pop up or chat bot.

When people want to discover you, you should be discoverable. Search presence is important for getting discovered. Traffic from the search engine is inbound and hence quality and intent is high.  

Google organic search listings get 100x more clicks thanks to paid ad listing on search.

It is difficult to rank short tail keywords, but with enough content, you can tap into long tail keywords and get consistent flow of high traffic over period of    of time.

You can boost your organic search traffic from your existing audience base through content promotion. People share content on social media as well and it will give you traction.

Search engine from a user’s perspective:

Promotion Search engines are an evolution of classified listing.

People will search only for something they know exists. It may be content, Product or services etc. Content can be news or useful information.

Amazon is also a search engine but has a better metric because they get searches from buyers directly -not content seekers. The people who search on amazon are buyers. They are not looking for content; they are looking for a product. 

New services or products which don’t have awareness cannot be advertised by search engines.  Search engines fulfill a demand. Display ads generate demands. 

An iPad/Tablet wouldn’t have had any search volume in the year of 2005, but today you are searching iPad with specific parameters like size, technical specification etc.

So here awareness can be generated via display ads, YouTube ads etc. 

How do search engines work?

There are three parties involved in ecosystem;

1. The search engine

2. Users

3. Business owners

And we need to look at a complete ecosystem from each person’s perspective.

The primary use of a search engine is to provide quality and relevant results to its users. Relevancy is the most important. If someone is searching for a restaurant the search engine should show the restaurant, not the supermarket. Relevancy should include location, price range, Sub Category and more depending on niche. The retrieved results should be for you to make the decision.  

On-Page SEO is all about relevancy .Search engines should understand; what your website is about. Google search console is the communicator between webmaster and google search engine. The responsibility of the webmaster as the website owner has the control over what is displayed on the web-page. 

Off-page SEO is all about quality.  When other websites link to your websites and if you have more backlinks, the page is considered to be important and will rank better. Links will happen when the quality of the website is high. 

How do search engine makes money

Search engines give results for free to their users. 

The results are shown are of businesses – And businesses do not have control over organic listings. If businesses want to be discovered and if they are ready to pay a premium, they can advertise on “search ads” features of the search engine. 

Google gets most of its revenue from Google Ads. 81 % of Google revenue comes from google ads in 2021. That’s 209$ B Out of 257$ B.

Creating a niche search engine can be a profitable business. 

Google, YouTube, Zomato, practo, Amazon, SEDO, IMDB, Matrimonial websites, and goodreads are some commonly used search engines for various products and services searches. 

The Search Ecosystem:

The platform connects the business and the customer and charges a fee for it. 

Usually, the platform makes it 100 % free for one side of the ecosystem and charges the other side (ex. Yellow Pages).In most of the cases it’s free for the customers and it charges for the businesses. 

Remember: Getting customers for the business is the biggest business.

Content Marketing and SEO

If you understand what people want and create content for them, SEO will take off. On-Page SEO is just about good experience.

Off Page SEO is just about good distribution (Part of Marketing)

Search engines have become smarter over time. 

Just “optimizing” the page for keywords will not get your website ranked anymore.

Just building a lot of backlinks also will not get your website ranked for certain keywords anymore. Backlinks are important but you cannot manipulate the search results using backlinks alone.

Black Hat SEO method means such as PBN (Private blog networks) and other methods are used to work long back. In fact, the original Black Hat SEO was just keywords stuffing. 

SEO optimization: 

In SEO there are two types of optimization

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO 

 On Page SEO

Title tag, Meta Description, Header Tags, Optimized websites, keywords in the content are the main parameters in On Page SEO  

Sites like GTMetrix and Google page speed can tell you, your website is fast enough to give user experience 

Off Page SEO:

Backlinks are the no.1 off page optimization technique that is available for website owners.  Google algorithm has been built on top of the backlinks. The more links you have the better the chances of ranking high for the specific keywords. 

Search engines also track the social media engagements on a page once it’s published. Higher the engagement, Higher the chances of getting better ranking.

High percentage of brand name searches can also be helped in SEO.

Google loves brand are long term and they stick around longer  

Google also tracks the author and personal brand behind the content. A part of the algorithm called “Auto Rank” gives weightage to authors who recognised as expert 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

Keywords also determine the word that your customers use. It is important for niche selection, positioning, Content marketing, Landing Pages, ad Copies, Paid Search, email Subject Lines, Copywriting, and Sales. 

We can use keywords to create content for attracting search traffic.